Anonymous asked: "I have a head cannon that when James first looked at lily he didn't really think he liked her but over time he found that he liked how fiery and passionate with her work she was and how he was starring longer at the red of her hair and the green of her eyes until one day it hit him that he REALLY liked her and all his "swagger" flies out the door when he tries to woe her like with any other girl within five minutes he has them blushing but with lily he talks like "So... Date you like would me?""


*fumbles with cards* so uh Bily.. I MEAN LILY uhh you’re pretty and your hair is like Phoenix fire and *takes next card* our children will have terrible hair but will be super smart .. Wait I didn’t write these??

*sirius laughing around the corner*

*remus pretending he had nothing to do with it*

*peter furiously stage whispers bad pick up lines so loud everyone hears them*

James probably drops the cards and runs off

cosmicriddler asked: "would you mind doing Sirius Black? :3"


I’ve drawn him better before but w/e u-u

siriusinasweater asked: "and they hang that way for a few warm seconds, remus's hand resting on sirius's heart and there's no vibrations anymore, just a flustered sirius because wow his hand is warm and his stomach flips. and it's broken when remus pulls back and turns to his player, putting on some old album and setting the stereo down in his cross-legged lap, fingers brushing over the speaker. "the way you think is nice." "nice?" "i don't know the word... b-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l." and remus just signs it for him and smiles."


and sirius grins because he can’t stop himself from signing back “you’re beautiful” now that he knows the sign and he’s not sure if remus was even looking or even noticed as his fingers returned to the speaker but sirius feels a weight off his shoulders just from finally getting it out

and remus just looks up at sirius and he’s confused because sirius wouldn’t say that about him and he reasons that sirius must’ve got the sign wrong (even though remus did show it to him not 5 seconds ago)


There is absolutely no subtext between Remus and Sirius at all. I mean I stare at my non-boyfriend for literally 40 lines and that same non-boyfriend lays low with me for a year. People make it a point to say how close we are but no homo.

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[playing around with using 2many overlays and apologizing profusely for the lack of peter i’m so sorry im so tired]


Remus surprises Sirius by buying a leather jacket and pants so they can ride together and calls him into the garage where he’s laying back casually on the bike.
Sirius faints.


I REALLY should be studying right now, but I had to vent all these Harry Potter feels somehow. So there you go, World Cup Luna in all her flagtastic glory. Man I love this fandom. I bet Rolf told her she looked ravishing the moment he saw her come down the stairs in that outfit, too.
I would totally make this into a gif with spinning snitches if I had the time for it.


I REALLY should be studying right now, but I had to vent all these Harry Potter feels somehow. So there you go, World Cup Luna in all her flagtastic glory. Man I love this fandom. I bet Rolf told her she looked ravishing the moment he saw her come down the stairs in that outfit, too.

I would totally make this into a gif with spinning snitches if I had the time for it.


imagine teenage Remus not knowing his friends are becoming animagi for him so he tells Sirius to ‘go fetch that book for me’ and James laughs and says ‘yeah, go fetch. good boy’ and Remus being all ‘what the hell is going on here’ when sirius tells him to shove his antlers up his butt and go fuck himself

siriusinasweater asked: "and one night remus signs "you hungry?" and sirius grins so they go up to his dorm together and he pulls out bags of chips and some gummi bears and an extra large can of soda and sirius can't stop laughing because "who hoards this much food in their room?" but he isn't complaining, and remus suddenly wishes he could hear this boy's laugh because he bets it's beautiful and they sign back and forth between bites and sirius thinks that maybe this school is the right place for him."


omg this is my favourite so far i love this auuuu <33

and one time sirius is curious and he signs ‘do you like any music? is it even possible to when you’re deaf?’ and remus just smiles a little bit and sets to show sirius what music is like from his perspective

and he grabs some ear plugs and gives them to sirius to try and simulate the quiet and then he starts to play some music and places sirius’ hand against the speaker so he can feel the rhythm and bass and remus is waiting a little cautiously for sirius’ reaction and sirius just looks up with the biggest grin of delight because this is fantasticly new and who knew there were more ways to experience music

and eventually remus gives in and presses his hand to sirius’ chest as he’s barking out laughter and remus feels the vibrations from sirius’ chest and remus smiles and it’s a ridiculously heartwarming moment and even if remus can’t hear sirius’ gorgeous laugh he can do the next best thing for him

fangirl challenge: [4/10] male characters - Harry Potter (HP)

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siriusinasweater asked: "and after that day, after he awkwardly heads off in the vague direction of class (he can't remember which) he's looking for sign language books in the library when someone taps him on the shoulder. it's him, and sirius's heart automatically starts beating double time. "hey." the boy smiles as he pulls out a pen and pad from his bag and writes out "remus," passing the pad and pen to sirius. "what?" "my name." sirius mentally smacks himself. "i'm sirius." "serious?" the boy smirks. "fuck you.""


im dead with this au i love it

and sirius just grins because wow remus is cheeky and he definitely wants to be friends with someone that has a sense of humour to understand his never-ending name puns

and they pick out a bunch of sign language books and go sit down together in the library and remus came to do homework for some other class but he’s kind of flattered that sirius was thinking about learning sign language and so he wants to help

and they’re sat a little too close for people that just met, and they’re reading over this book laid on the table in front of them and sirius keeps pointing to the book and trying out the actions himself and remus just gently takes sirius’ hands and manipulates them until he’s doing it right



best response to a sexist boyfriend

greatest movie


but sirius living with ocd and mysophobia

and his trunk is organized just the way he likes it and he has to wash his hands three or four times before and after he does anything and he just has these rituals and routines for getting ready in the morning and for getting ready for bed, and sometimes they make him late for class (even though he doesn’t mind that, anyway, because he’s never really been punctual).

and at first the marauders just think he’s all uppity and very much so a pureblood because he doesn’t like them touching his things and he gets very very upset when they do, and he can take ages to get ready in the morning and they don’t understand it. and they don’t understand why he has to touch some things over and over and over again before he can do something else.

but they respect his wishes and don’t touch his things and allow him to do his little rituals. and as they get older, they start to realize that there’s something else going on, so they’re extra considerate of it.

then one time snape knocks sirius’ stuff all over the floor and he starts to get Very Upset, so peter jinxes him and james and remus wash their hands and gather sirius’ things and wipe them down and wash their hands again before giving them back to sirius. and sirius knows he has these really great friends and he loves them very much.

and also, lbr, there are times when he’s kissing remus before class and he has to redo it several times so that it feels right. and remus always allows for extra time beforehand. and sometimes sirius just keeps remus even after he gets it right because why the hell not

and just

mysophobic sirius with ocd